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Here’s the Wild Idea

Nick and Shelby’s Wild Idea: To share about their adventure podcasts, both presented by REI Co-op, and turn the microphone back on each other.

The word’s out. REI has been my main partner all year and it’s been an awesome, wild ride. They’re also now in the podcast game with not just with my show, but also a new 8-episode series called Take it From Me, that launches this week. We talk to Nick Mott, who is the producer of the show, share a quick clip, and dive into the unique format and adventurous characters he interviews.

Nick is a fellow journalist, writer, photographer, and a rock climber. Originally from Kansas and now living in Boulder, Colorado, he loves the outdoors and sharing stories of people going on badass adventures. He also hosts another show about sustainability and has good tips for anyone who wants to start a podcast.

After I talk to Nick, he turns the microphone back on me. A lot of people have been asking me to share my story, so I talk about why I started the podcast, what I look for in guests, and some key things I have learned along the way. It’s quick episode. Perfect for a fast run, or a short commute. Enjoy.

Presented by REI

Listen to this Episode if

  • You love podcasts about the outdoors (which you do, why else would you be here?)
  • You like to get outside.
  • You are looking for an additional wild podcast.
  • You want to start a podcast, or learn more about why I started Wild Ideas Worth Living.

Key Takeaways

  • 1:40 – What Nick’s new show Take It From Me is all about.
  • 2:50 – The grand experiment behind the premise of the show.
  • 3:30 – The pros and cons of recording in the field.
  • 4:40 – Nick sets the scene for an excerpt of the show.
  • 5:20 – Listen to a clip of Allen Lim interviewing Mo Beck.
  • 6:50 – Who are some of the other guests on the show.
  • 7:40 – How Nick got involved with the show.
  • 8:50 – Where to find Take It From Me.
  • 10:35 – Nick turns the mic on me and asks me some questions about my podcast.
  • 12:20 – What I’ve learned from my guests.
  • 15:20 – What kind of feedback from guests impacts me.
  • 16:20 – I still get nervous before an interview.
  • 17:40 – How I find my guests.
  • 19:00 – Why I only partner with brands I like and why I reached out to REI.
  • 21:10 – What is my definition of living wildly.

Learn more about Wild Ideas Worth Living and Take It From Me on REI’s blog.

Nick’s Podcast

Take It From Me on REI’s Blog
Take It From Me on Apple Podcasts

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