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What if... You could sail to French Polynesia, run from San Francisco to New York, skateboard down the busiest freeway in California, quit your job and ski around the world, fall in love, start a business, move to Costa Rica, surf every day, get in the best shape of your life, fall in love, and GET WILD?


2018 SHOWS

Scott Jurek – How to Revitalize Your Purpose, Tackle the Longest Trails, Set Records, and Write Best-Selling Books

Scott’s Wild Idea: To renew his sense of purpose by running the Appalachian Trail (which he also set the speed record for), and chronicling his adventures with his wife in a book called North. read more

056 Mike Coots – How to be a World-Class Adaptive Surfer, Shark-Attack Survivor, Photographer and Marine Life Advocate

Mike’s Wild Idea: To turn the shark attack where he lost his leg into a life mission. To also photograph sharks, help preserve marine wildlife, and to help other amputees and shark attack victims get active. read more

2017 SHOWS

055 2017 Recap

Shelby’s Wild Idea: To make a podcast that inspires others to live more wildly, and share stories and advice from the top adventurers, athletes, health experts, and more.
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Shelby Stanger on She-Explores

An honor to be a guest and share my story on the popular outdoor podcast She-Explores: Inquisitive women in the outdoors, on the road, and besides. Listen to the the full interview here:...

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022 Norah Eddy – How to Use Business to Improve the Health of the Oceans

Norah’s Wild Idea: To create an innovative company that makes seafood not only sustainable and delicious, but helps improve the health of the oceans while connecting people with their food and where it comes from. To also empower other young female entrepreneurs to take risks in businesses even in industries primarily dominated by men. read more

013 Chris Burkard – Becoming a World-Class Adventure Photographer

Chris Burkard’s Wild Idea: To become an adventure photographer. Wanting to discover the best photographs in nature, Chris Burkard decided to go to the most remote and raw of places. While he was well on his way to become a leading surf photographer, spending most of his time in tropical water, Chris wanted to go… read more

010 Jaimal Yogis – Facing Fear with Mindfulness and Love

Jaimal Yogis’ Wild Idea: To run away from home as a teen and learn to surf in Hawaii. Then, join a Buddhist Monastery. Next, head to head to Columbia Journalism School and become an award-winning journalist, and then the award-winning author of Saltwater Buddah, the best seller The Fear Project (where Jaimal surfed Maverick’s), Turtles… read more

007 James Nestor – The Art of Freediving and Writing an Award-Winning Book

James Nestor’s Wild Idea: To leave the corporate life for a job as a freelance writer, then learn to freedive and uncover an entire world of science beneath the surface of the ocean that lead to an award-winning book, Deep: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us About Ourselves read more

006 Alison Teal – How to Thrive on Naked and Afraid, Travel The World With A Pink Bikini and Make A Difference in The World with Alison Teal of Alison’s Adventures

Alison Teal’s Wild Idea: To Travel the World, Win Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid, and Make Movies That Get People to Pay Attention to Plastic Pollution and Protecting Our Environment. read more

Ryan and Nicole Levinson – TwoAfloat’s Nicole and Ryan Levinson On Sailing to French Polynesia To Chase Their Dreams Despite Any Limits – WIWL005

Ryan and Nicole’s Wild Idea: To leave San Diego, their jobs and house to sail to French Polynesia. Now they are sharing their awesome story and you can find out how. read more

Joel Van Der Loon – Survival Skills for the Wild and Living Closer to Nature – WIWL004

As a young boy, Joel Van der Loon grew up in South Africa and Tanzania, and has always been somewhat of a “wild child.” He and his dad grew up in a remote area of Africa, where he learned from the Massai, then sailed around the world, and lived a life very connected to animals… read more

Cindy Whitehead – Stories From a Female Skateboarding Pioneer – WIWL003

Have you ever wanted to skateboard down the freeway?! Me too, except please don’t try that at home because you will most likely die! Cindy Whitehead managed to sneak in a session on the L.A.’s busiest freeway one day and also did some other wild things. She was one of the first females to get… read more