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After 20 years as a freelance adventure and business journalist who has interviewed people who have done some pretty wild adventures — from running across the USA, to surfing giant waves, writing best-selling books, sailing around the world, climbing mountains and starting thriving businesses — people always ask me, how did your subjects come up with that wild idea, and then how did they carry it out and make it a living reality?

Wild Ideas Worth Living is a weekly podcast series where I aim to answer those very questions.

In each 45 minute to hour long weekly episode, I interview world-class explorers, scientists, health experts, athletes, and entrepreneurs. We dig in and deconstruct HOW each idea came to be, WHY, and how they made it happen.

We also talk about how to get over fear and self-doubt and how to deal with outside naysayers. Most importantly, you’re going to get first-hand instructions on how you can live out your own wild ideas.

Shelby Stanger

From people who have climbed mountains, started a new business, broke a record or just stood up for something they believed in, some of the wildest ideas can lead to the most rewarding adventures.

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