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Here’s the Wild Idea

Zeppelin’s Wild Idea: To share different perspectives of the public land debate through his latest documentary film, and inspire others to get outside.

Aside from having one of the most badass names ever, Zeppelin Zeerip is a pro snowboarder and activist, the author of Don’t Call Me a Gypsy, a producer and partner of WZRD Media, and co-founder of a grassroots snowboard competition called Occupy Pando.

For his latest project, Zeppelin is traveling around the U.S. to film for his upcoming documentary about the public land debate. He is passionate about preserving this land that everyone has access to, but he also knows the importance of hearing perspectives from all sides. We also go deep and talk about some of the loss he endured in his youth, and how that has affected his drive and motivation today.

Listen to this Episode if:

  • You want to be a pro snowboarder.
  • You are passionate about the public land debate.
  • You’ve ever suffered loss.
  • You try to get outside every day.
  • You want to surround yourself with inspiring people.

Key Takeaways

  • 3:40 – Where Zeppelin got his name.
  • 5:45 – How he became a pro snowboarder.
  • 9:20 – What Zeppelin learned from losing his father early in life.
  • 11:40 – How he dealt with loss after his house burned down.
  • 15:20 – How Zeppelin got into film and the public land debate.
  • 17:10 – What is the public land debate.
  • 19:30 – Why he’s taking an unbiased approach to his latest documentary.
  • 21:45 – The characters in this documentary that Zeppelin is excited about.
  • 26:30 – How he found subjects for the public lands documentary.
  • 29:00 – His fear of failure pushes him far.
  • 30:40 – How he achieves his goals.
  • 32:20 – Zeppelin gets outside every single day.
  • 33:20 – What books Zeppelin pulled from his burning house.
  • 35:30 – Why he wishes he had checked his pride as a teen.
  • 37:00 – The importance of gratitude.
  • 37:45 – You have to surround yourself with inspirational people.


Links Mentioned

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WZRD Media
Occupy Pando
Fly High Go Far Documentary
Crested Butte Academy
Slope Style


Don’t Call Me Gypsy by Zeppelin Zeerip

Awesome book Zeppelin recommends gifting

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews
Falling up by Shel Silverstein
The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

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